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WIT's Ship in a Bottle

WIT Ship in a bottle

William Isaac Thorndale (WIT) made this ship in a bottle during his retirement. Fortunately, along with his memoirs, it survived being bombed out twice at Reigate during the Second World War.

I think it is a valiant attempt at a model of HMS Calliope and Apia Harbour, but probably not as accurate as the one at the Royal Museums Greenwich, but then again, WIT was only an amateur! His model does have four masts, and I don't think Apia has, or ever has had, a lighthouse! Incidentally, the RMG has taken the image off its website and wants you to pay for it. In my opinion, museums that rely on charity or grants should allow us to view our history for free. But if you search google for "HMS Calliope, model, images", you can still see it there. Or click here.