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I hope you have found your visit to this site interesting. If you have any comments, please contact me using the feedback form below. Any comment, hopefully good, but if bad, then any suggestions for improvement, would always be welcome! If you think I have got something wrong, let me know and I'll try and put it right. If you have some data you would like to share, feel free. If you just see a spelling or grammar mistake, you know what to do.

Please fill in all the fields, or it will generate an error! Use a nickname or "nom-de-plume" if you prefer, but I do need the e-mail address in order to reply to you - please see my promise in red in the yellowish box below.

Please Note: If you are using this form to enquire about ordering a copy of my book "The Hurricane Jumpers", I will reply to your e-m address with my UK mailing address. Please make sure you include it on the form, or I won't be able to respond to you! If you decide to proceed with the purchase, please then send a cheque to that address made out to "Mr. Graham Hague" for the amount shown on the page. Make sure that either on the original e-mail, or with the cheque, you include your UK mailing address! Also, let me know if you want an autograph, or a dedication if the book is intended as a present to someone else. If you want something else, let me know and I'll try my best to accommodate it. If I am inundated with orders (I wish), it might be a few days, but normally I will despatch a copy within a day or two of the cheque clearing. If I have sold all my stock and am awaiting a fresh supply from the States, I'll let you know of any delays as soon as I can. I will NOT cash your cheque until I am ready to despatch your book, which I will do when the cheque clears. If for any reason I cannot fulfill your order after cashing the cheque (I cannot forsee what, but anyway), I will let you know and arrange with you to refund your payment. I will despatch the book by Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard. Please note that since my turnover is likely to be less than 85,000 per annum (!!!), I am not registered for VAT and there is no VAT charge included for the book.





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Thank you for visiting this site, and for taking the time and trouble to make contact with me!

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