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The Hague Writing Case

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The William Hague writing box I inheritted from my father. The inscriptions reads: "Presented to Bro. W. HAGUE by the Members of the KETTERING BRANCH ASRS April 1891".

Most of the discolouration is the wax polish, the case needs some TLC but professionally. This presentation was exactly 20 years after the formation of the ASRS, the Amalgamated Society of Railway Signallers, so this is indicative of William being a founding member. William will not have seen the railway strike that began in 1911 and during which a number of striking railwaymen were killed by soldiers drafted in to restore order. A John Hague, quite possibly one of William's cousins, was on the ASRS Nottingham Branch Executive Committee for the years 1874 through 1876. The ASRS was the prime union to join with other railway unions to become the National Union of Railwaymen, subsequently part of the now giant RMT (Rail, Marine and Transport).

The key to the cabinet is missing, as is one of the glass ink pots.

There are records of the ASRS held here which are digitised in most cases and available on the FindMyPast website (which you have to pay for).