Graham Hague - Collision!

Scaramouche's Book : Collision! - HMS Victoria and HMS Camperdown


This is my current in-progress book, "Collision! - HMS Victoria and HMS Camperdown". I am hoping for 2018 completion, but that is beginning to seem rather unlikely. I have not designed the cover yet, as it depends on the number of pages (which determine the spine width).

The book is an account of the disaster that occurred in the Mediterranean in 1893, when HMS Camperdown was involved in the ramming of HMS Victoria, which event led to the latter vessel capsizing, and sinking to the floor of the sea with considerable loss of life.

I intend to give the background and history of both ships involved, and also both the two Admirals whose flag flew on them: Vice-Admiral, Sir George Tryon on HMS Victoria, and Rear-Admiral Sir Albert Hastings Markham on HMS Camperdown. I will give an account of the events on that fateful 22nd June. I will supplement this with some eye-witness accounts, one of which I THINK is unpublished. Although I will look at Wikipedia and other on-line sources of data, I always try and go to the original sources where they are available. This involves a few visits to the National Archives at Kew in order to view the records there, among which are the minutes of the Court Martial, HMS Camperdown's log, and so on. There are biographies of both Tryon and Markham in existence. So far, I have been unable to locate a list of the seamen who died, only the officers. Bizarrely, there is a list of the seamen survivors.

This page is still under construction, as the project progresses.

As of August 2018, I am almost certainly going to abandon this project. Or at least, put it on the back burner. The only real point to publish yet another account of this event, would be if I had something to include which was new and fresh, and whilst I do have one currently unpublished account, which is actually quite revealing, I have little else that cannot be unearthed by some diligent searching of the web, or a visit to the National Archives at Kew. And my time is currently filled anyway.