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WIT's Memoirs

In case they ever got lost, I have self-published "WIT's Memoirs" which contains his memories in my great-grandfathers own words, spelling and grammar, and which carry a few of my research notes into what he talks about. Since I used his memoirs as a strong central theme in my first book The Hurricane Jumpers there is much repetition between them.

WIT's memoirs cover his boyhood, early days in Victoria's navy, then service around the world, and his time on HMS Calliope and the miraculous escape from the hurricane at Samoa in 1889. They contain fascinating insights into life for an ordinary boy and sailor in the navy that was still primarily sailing ships. I feel they contain important data from a point of view not often chronicled, and don't know what to do with them. When Scaramouche finally pops off, I have a nightmare of them being consigned to a skip, along with all my Calliope books and reference data. I have no children to leave them to.

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It can be purchased (if you so wish!) from the following outlets (click the link for details and prices):

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Amazon.com United States Paperback and Kindle e-Book.
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If you do buy a copy (and many thanks!), and if you enjoyed reading it, please leave a review at the site from which you purchased it. I realise this means that if you didn't like it, you can leave a bad review; but as I am asking people to spend their hard-earned cash on it, I must be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. Please remember it is a record of the memories of a simple seaman who was born in 1861, had little conventional schooling, and just thought it might be fun to set down some memories of his life. A life he obviously thought pretty mundane, but which I think was interesting and occasionally exciting. Hopefully, there won't be too much rough!