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You will be able to download software and various files created by me from this web-page. Before you do so, please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS that apply, reached by clicking that link. Downloading anything from this web-page signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

David Coulthard's McLaren

A Comprehensive Formula One Database : 1950 - 2018

This application is a searchable record of the 1-2-3 race result for every World Championship race from 1950 to date. You can list driver, team, engine wins, podiums, careers and many other searches using filters.

You can define the amount of data you want displayed for each race result. There are Race Win and Championship Win lists.

You are urged to download the PDF Manual first, and take a look at it. It is only about 40 pages. It will give you an insight into the application and what it does, so you can decide whether you want to download the other files.

If you are downloading an Update file (please refer to the Manual section 6), you must overwrite any earlier update files you have downloaded. Because the "update.txt" file is recognised by most browsers as a text file, it opens in the window and displays the text; you will need to right click and select "File">"Save As" to save it into the same folder as the EXE.

Chrome at least seems to be continually changing the way it handles downloading an EXE file. As at November 2016, click on the download link, and navigate to an exisiting F1Database folder, or create a new one. A small window then opens at the bottom of the browser. Click the "up arrow" beside the "Discard" warning message, and select "Keep". As of May 2018, it seems to happily download the EXE file to a folder of your choice. But much also depends on your settings in Chrome.

I have over the years corrected bugs and added new features to this application, and quite frankly, the code has become progressively more scrambled and difficult for me to find the parts I want, and to make a change to one aspect that does not impinge badly on another. I have therefore decided to embody a load of new features at the same time as rewriting the code from the ground up, and this revised version (5.1) will be made available before the start of the 2019 season. Currently, the old file uses a complete update file for the 2018 season to present the data. Much of the user interface in 5.1 will remain as version 4.x as there seems to be no reason to confuse the user just for the fun of it. Some of the new features are:

File Download Link Version Filename Filesize Download Time* Screen Size Comment
F1 Database Executable 4.1.09 "F1Database.exe" 4.5 MB 1 sec [50 Mbs]
45 secs [10 Mbs]
1378W 830H Contains season data for seasons 1950 to 2017 inclusive. You are strongly urged to download this to its own, dedicated, folder and run it from there. Will run from a USB Memory Stick but VERY slowly and is very strongly NOT reccomended! Made a couple of minor tweaks to the display.
Update File 4 on "Update.txt" Less than 12 KB 1 sec [50 Mbs]
2 secs [10 Mbs]
Update file for 2018. Includes complete data for Abu Dhabi, 25th November 2018. If you have downloaded this file before, after clicking the download link you are strongly urged to click the "refresh" button before doing the "Save-As" to your Formula 1 folder.
F1 Database Manual 1 "F1Database.pdf" 2.75MB 1 sec [50 Mbs]
45 secs [10 Mbs]
Operating Manual. Always seems to open in a browser window, so right-mouse-click and select "Save As..." if you want to save it to the F1 Database folder. If you have opened it before, click the "Refresh" button to ensure you have the current version, then save it.

* The download time shown is approximate for connections with two speeds. The fastest would be fibre broadband, and corresponds to my current speeds with BT Infinity. The slower value was a non-fibre broadband connection I previously had with Talk-Talk. Both are based on the "upload" time for me to load the file onto my web-site using Filezilla [version 3.33.0]. You can easily test your own broadband speed by downloading the free application "Network Speed" from the Windows App Store.

The image below is a screen grab of the Search Result window showing the race wins only for Lewis Hamilton (as of October 2016), and also shows the various search filters that can be applied. The "coloured text" Preference has been set. (See Manual section 5.) The pointer shows the button clicked which produced the output.

F1 Database
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System Requirements

Unfortunately, I do not have any means of establishing the minimum hardware specification required to run my software. All I do know is the specification of my computer, on which the software was developed, tested and which runs satisfactorily.

Original Computer specification:

In May, 2018, I purchased a new PC with a significantly upgraded specification:

* I have tried to design my software to present a smaller window size than my monitor permits, as I am concious that many people will have a smaller monitor than listed above. I will provide the maximum window size I use with each application's details.

If you use the software on a PC with a different set up, let me know if you have any issues with running the application, and if it works and you have the time, please let me know what your specification is. It should work on all flavours of Windows from SP, Win7 to Win10. I did have a lot of memory in my original set up - well, 4 GB was a lot in 2010!


Terms & Conditions - Downloading from this web-page means ACCEPTANCE!

I need to include something for this, but it won't be a miles long "Agreement" that you see with most software these days. "File(s)", "Software" and "Application" have the same meaning herein. "You" are the person who downloaded the file(s) from this web-page, and these conditions also apply to anyone to whom you pass on the file(s).

  1. I provide NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER that the software will work as described. I have tested it carefully and exhaustively, but I do not warrant that it will perform correctly. You use my software ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK! I will not be liable in any way for any damage or loss of data that might occur to your computer or your data by using my software. If you do not accept this or any other condition listed here, then please DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY SOFTWARE FROM THIS SITE.
  2. You can freely download the software and other files for which I provide links on this web-page. Having down-loaded them, you are free to share the files with your friends, as long as they are unchanged from the files that were down-loaded. You are not permitted to make any charge for any files down-loaded from this web-page. You are not permitted to provide this software to any commercial company, for inclusion on a web-site or magazine CD, or any other purpose.
  3. You must not reverse engineer any application downloaded from this site.
  4. You must not edit any Manual or Text file downloaded from this site, unless you are permitted to do so in the Manual for the software, as an accepted option for using the software.
  5. As stated above, these conditions apply equally to anyone who down-loaded the file(s) from this web-page, and to anyone who obtained the file(s) from that person or anyone else. It is a condition of downloading that these terms and conditions are made known to anyone to whom the file(s) are subsequently passed. It can be noted that a link to this web-page appears on the About form of any of my applications.
  6. I virus-check my files before presenting them on this site for download. Nevertheless, you are strongly urged to submit and scan the down-loaded file(s) using your own proprietary virus checker before you launch it. This is especially vital if you obtained the file(s) from somewhere other than this web-page.
  7. If I am advised of a "bug" by someone (using this contact form) who has used the software and had a difficulty, I will endeavour to put it right as soon as possible. I will then make a revised version available for download on this web-page. If I am unable to fix a fault, I reserve the right to remove the software from this page, and withdraw the permission for users to use it.

Terms compiled and added to web-page 19th October, 2016.