Henlow Wellington N3002

Clop Hill, Henlow, Bedfordshire 28th July, 1940

S/Ldr R.H. Maw
P/O D.W.E. Sharpe
P/O E.H. G. Brooks
Sgt C.D. Chenier
Sgt A. Patterson
Sgt S.G. Keatley


Wellington 1A, N3002, took off from RAF Bassingbourne on a Nickelling operation using call sign 6RHO and making for Beauvais - Meaux - Melun - Evreux. On its return, the starboard engine failed and while trying to force-land at 03:05, the Wellington hit some trees on Clop Hill near Henlow, Bedfordshire. S/Ldr Maw sustained a double leg fracture while Sgt Chenier was treated for rib fractures. The others were seriously hurt. This was the first loss reported from an OTU engaged on leaflet dropping operations.

Details obtained from Aircraft lost on Allied Force’s Special Duty Operations & Associated Roll of Honour page 11.

There is an obituary for Squadron Leader, later Wing Commander, Roger Hargreaves Maw that seems as if it could be this pilot. This person was involved in the famous "Wooden Vaulting Horse" escape from Stalag Luft III during the war. If anyone can confirm this is the same person, or confirm it is not, then please let me know and I'll update this web site.

At this web site is a page dedicated to a Lancaster crash which lists as one of the crew S.G. Keatley, who may be the person in this Wellington crew. There is a pdf in detail about the crash, but it is in Dutch. As before, if anyone can confirm or not whether this person is the same, please let me know.