HMS Calliope and her crew.

HMS Calliope Crew Members present at Samoa during the Hurricane.

This list is the one published by Captain E. W. Swan in 1939, and is the only source for the crew list on the vessel at Samoa that I have located. The National Archives at Kew do not seem to have the ship's muster for this voyage. Some of the crew who set out from England had deserted by this time, and unless they had been recaptured or returned to the ship before Samoa, won't appear here - but see the note at the bottom of this page. Some of the crew were on temporary loan from HMS Orlando, the squadron flagship, and some of Calliope's original crew had been exchanged in a similar fashion. Although ERA James Richards died before the storm, I have included him in this list.

I have been gradually culling data from the seaman's records at Kew, but it is a mammoth task, and I cannot spend the time these days to go down to London just for that. So I am going to need to rely on visitors sharing with me any data they may have. If you have a photo or an anecdote, take a look at the Crew Stories page, and if you feel you would like to add to it, let me know the details.

Over the years, I have found instances where Captain Swan has apparently mis-read the ship's muster roll and introduced spelling errors in the names. With hand-written registers, this is very easy to do. Where I have been advised of a spelling error, I have amended this list; if you notice an error in the recording of your ancestor's name, please contact me and I'll correct it on this page.

Those names that are underlined are hyper links to the Crew Stories page.

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Remember, if your ancestor's name is underlined, then it is a hyperlink to an entry on the "Calliope Crew Stories" page, i.e. there is already some additional information about the person, though it may be very brief. If you have additional information, or if you are the first person with information, about a particular person, please feel free to share it with me, and therefore, the internet community. It has always been my wish to bring the participants in the storm to the attention of the wider world, with their stories, and a picture and just a few lines about them and what happened to them is better than nothing. If you agree, then contact me and share what you know; I'll update the site as quickly as I can. Take a look at the Crew Stories page to see what other family members have contributed, to help you decide if you want to do the same for your ancestor.


CaptainHenry Coey Kaneb. Dec-1843; d.3-Jan-1917. Later Admiral.
Executive OfficerRobert Kyle McAlpineb. 20-Jan-1851; d. 22-Sep-1923. Later Rear Admiral
Navigating OfficerHenry Pearsonb. c. 1852; d. 17-Aug-1937. Later Captain.
LieutenantArthur W. Carterb. 1856; d. 1931. Later Rear Admiral.
LieutenantHenry G. Monckton
LieutenantMontague G. Cartwright
Lieutenant R.M.L.I.Alfred E. Marchantb. 1863; d.1924. Royal Marine Light Infantry. Later Major General.
ChaplainThe Reverend Arthur C. Evans M.A.
Fleet-SurgeonValentine Duke B.A, M.B.
Staff-PaymasterBeechey Rogers
Staff-EngineerHenry G. Bourkeb. 24-Oct-1844; d. 5-Mar-1898
SurgeonArthur Cropley
Assistant PaymasterTom Seaman
EngineerWilliam Miltond. 9-Dec 1933.
Assistant EngineerJames R. Roffey
GunnerCharles O. Martind. 20-Jun 1931
BoatswainWilliam Marshfield
CarpenterGeorge T. Grant
MidshipmanThe Honourable H. L. A. Hoodb. 2-Oct-1870; d. 31-May-1916. Later Rear Admiral. Killed in action on HMS Invincible, Battle of Jutland.
MidshipmanFrank Brandtb. 2-Oct-1871; d. 1-Nov-1914. Later Captain. Killed in action on HMS Monmouth, Battle of Coronel
MidshipmanWilmot S. Nicholsonb. 18-May-1872; d. 9-Jun-1947. Later Admiral.
MidshipmanEdmund J. Prendergastb. 10-Feb-1872; d. 25-Jan-1936. Later Commander.

A Guest of the Captain:

4th Kings Own RegimentMajor R.H. McCarthyFormerly Royal Navy

Officers Loaned from H.M.S. Orlando:

MidshipmanSidney R. Drury-Loweb. 18-Oct-1871; d. Jan-1945. Later Vice Admiral.
MidshipmanHugh F. Hopkinsonb. 11-Oct-1871; d. Jun-1922. Later Captain.
MidshipmanJohn C.T. Glossopb. 23rd Oct 1871, d. 23rd Dec, 1934. Later Vice Admiral.
MidshipmanCecil H. Foxb. 27-May-1873; d. 1963. Later Rear Admiral.

Ship's Company.

Petty Officers First Class:

QuartermasterEdward Pratt
QuartermasterOscar Clark
QuartermasterRobert G. Smith
Captain of the Main-TopThomas Gibbs
Captain of the Fore-TopRobert Newton
Captain, ForecastleWilliam J. Brown
Captain, ForecastleHenry B. Sellick
Captain, QuarterdeckHenry Mullins
Boatswains MateThomas E. Saunders
Boatswains MateJohn R. White
Boatswains MateJohn Hamilton
Captain's CoxswainJames Pudge
Gunners' MateJames Howlett
Gunners' MateWilliam H. Smith
Gunners' MateWilliam Elgie

Petty Officers Second Class:

Captain of the Mizzen-TopAlexander Turner
Coxswain second classWilliam Rolfed. 10-Jun-1889 following an accidental fall.
Second Captain, QuarterdeckHenry Parnell
Second Captain, Fore-TopHenry T. Morgan
Second Captain, Main-TopThomas Carr

Signal Staff:

Yeoman of SignalsPatrick J. Dalton
Leading SignalmanFrederick G. Withers
Leading SignalmanFrederick F. Husband
Qualified SignalmanArthur Sutton
SignalmanWilliam Read
Signal BoyHenry Prewitt
Signal BoyRichard Jeffers

Leading Seamen:

Frederick J. BrownJohn Beare
William I. Thorndaleb. 17-Jul-1861; d. 30-Aug 1949William F. White
Edmund GoddingEphn. B. Wright

A.B's (Seamen Gunners):

Charles J. SearleFrederick Ross
William J. ShepherdAlexander S. Stone
Joseph J. R. DickGustavus Miles
Fredrick FozardWilliam J. Steer
James WattAlfred G. Every
William H. RansomDaniel Regan
Richard W. SullawayJames Stapleton
David KinnearFrank Beach
Harley HortonMichael Cull
Richard GardinerJohn T. McDaniel
Samuel MossHenry Deacon
Thomas HealanGeorge E. Munday
John StocksJohn T. Francis

A.B.s (General Service):

William RawlinsonAlfred J. Thompson
James CrawfordCharles Ham
Henry HamiltonGrge H. Spreadbury
William T. SearleThomas Carroll
Walter H. WalshJames R. Baldreyb. 14-Feb-1866
Joseph Potterb. 13-Apr-1864; d. 1911Frederick W. Rexb. 2-Dec-1867; d. 27-Feb-1934
William ColeThomas Smith
Patrick DonovanJohn Johnson
James E. WrightHenry G. Russell
George A. F. SmithWilliam Faiers
William TrimbleJames Young
Thomas ReadFrank Pulford
Benjamin TyldesleyMichael Hall
James W. PickelsThomas P. Jolley
Arthur TurnerCharles Burdett
William T. SheppardAlbert E. Smith
Louis W. MorganCharles G. Reynolds
James FenshamHenry Woolley
Isaac BriscoeGeorge H. Jefford
William H. PhillipsWilliam T. Sweet
George J. HammertonWilliam E. Tull
R. H. DurrantJames H. Pook
William MillerJohn A. Edwards
James A. FlowerWilliam Nye
William WebbWillie Bennett

Ordinary Seamen:

Henry T. KeeneWilliam G. Jell
James C. Mooreb. Sep-1865; d. 1948.George E. Lane
George MundenWilliam Hardingb. 1868.
Joshua SnaithWilliam Ellis
William J. StrattonJohn D. Rodgers
Henry OsmondCharles Rodgers
William HillGeorge A. Shaver
Robert DayThomas McFarlane
Alfred A. SturtJohn W. Smith
Thomas ParkerJoseph Attwellb. 14-Apr-1870.
Richard C. CurtisGeorge Edwards
William GreyWilliam Langdon
Edward G. SturtCharles W. Johnson
Edwin WedlakeThomas Bumstead
Ulick StantonCecil F. Gulliver
Ernest J. Denyerb. 18-Apr-1871. d. 19-Jan-1942.William Wisldon
Angus MurrayGeorge Easter
George A. BaxJoseph J. Barber/Barker

Ordinary Seamen (on loan from Orlando):

William RookPhilip Rodd
William TomsJames Spillerb. 5-Nov-1870; d. 1-Nov-1914. Killed in action on HMS Monmouth, Battle of Coronel.
William AllenJohn Hedges
Joseph J. Barker/BarberGeorge Moog
Philip RendleWillie C. Hunt
Frederick K. StimpsonAlfred F. Hood

E.R.A's (Engine Room Artificers):

Edwin WoodAlfred W. Neville
James Richardsd. 13-Feb-1889George G. C. Haines

Leading Stokers:

Henry AldredErnest A. Welling
Thomas ClavellRichard Thorpe
Thomas SearleGeorge W. Childs
Mark Kingb. 22-Nov-1861; d. 3-Jun-1910.


John DoelEdwin W. Beale
Harry KnightB. 25/4/1864 Lurgashall, Sussex, England. D. 8/12/1919 Melbourne, Australia. ObituaryJohn T. Welsh
James OsmanWalter Wright
George E. PeachJohn Whitwick
William Alsfordb. 1870; d. c.1949Henry Treagus
Andrew ShierJohn Charlton
Charles GilbertPaul Childs
Thomas ChubbHenry B. Harding
William BreedonJohn Elliot
James PicknellHerbert Thomas
Frederick C. BennettCharles H. Terry
William McWilliamsThomas Buxey
William C. ColeWalter Shering

Other Members of the Ship's Crew:

Master At ArmsHarry Sebrightb. 1853; d. 1908.
Ship's CorporalThomas C. Dobinson
Armourer's CrewArthur Thurston
Captain of the HoldJames Christmas
Skilled Carpenter's MateJulius W. NewburyPossibly Newberry.
Carpenter's MateThomas D. John
Carpenter's CrewFrederick Stephens
Carpenter's CrewMichael O'Brienb. 6-Oct-1861
Carpenter's CrewWilliam H. Marsh
Skilled ShipwrightJames Gillespie
Skilled ShipwrightDuncan Ferguson
RopemakerJohn McDonald
SailmakerThomas Lucas
Sick Berth Steward, Second ClassSydney Barendb. c. 1861; d. 1942.
Plumber's MateRichard P. Frost
CooperDavid O'Mahoneyb. 3-Jul-1855; d. 1-Nov-1939. Possibly Mahoney.
Writer, Second ClassEdward N. Luxon
CaulkerCharles W. Down

Other Members (Loaned from H.M.S. Orlando):

ArmourerWilliam Ruse


Captain's StewardRichard May
Captain's StewardWilliam Brine
Assistant StewardGeorge T. Chapman
Ship's Steward, Second ClassWilliam G. Crocomb
Ship's Steward, BoyMichael Finnieb. 23-Sep-1871; d. 1954
WardroomWilliam C. Costick
WardroomAh Sam
Warrant Officers MessHenry Ayling
GunroomWilliam Birch


Ship's Cook First ClassGeorge Jarvis
Captain's CookGeorge Crawford
Wardroom CookAh Fook
Wardroom Cook AssistantMontgomery Hamilton
Wardroom Cook AssistantGeorge W. Pavey
Gunroom CookJohn E. Codd

Royal Marine Artillery:

CorporalGeorge Champ
GunnerJames Lord
GunnerAlbert Shearman
GunnerDennis Barnett

Royal Marine Light Infantry (Sergeants):

Robert SearlAlfred E. Walker

Royal Marine Light Infantry (Privates):

George GraybourneEdward M. Collett
William WildeGeorge H. Skidmore
William E. BrownFrank Wright
Alfred B. MillerFrederick A. Gray
Thomas JonesWalter Jenkins
Robert J. StampJohn Irvine
Edward J. WellsThomas Boles
William C. DoustWilliam Shurmer
William DelaneyCharles Boxall
Arthur CoveAndrew Bowie
Henry CortWilliam Shawyer
George CredlandJames Shealds
James WoodsJohn W. CarrollBugler
Charles CoxJoseph Statham
Robert ScottFrederick F. Rigsby
Frederick F. Bullers

I do know the names of a number of crew who deserted the ship both before the storm, and afterwards. Captain Swan seems to have been very careful to omit their names from his list in "The First Commission of H.M.S. Calliope", but he heads the list with the caption "...present at Samoa..." so he may not be being deliberately critical. I have recorded those names I know in the tables above, but not in a way that denigrates them or criticises their actions. I simply do not know the circumstances of them "running", and I also do not know their rank so do not know which table to put them in. If any family descendant from a crew member who deserted the ship would like to get in touch, please do so, using the contact form. I am quite sure these persons have interesting stories of their own. I do not think it necessary or relevant to identify them in the table as a deserter and I will not do so.

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