SMS Adler in the Samoa Hurricane of 1889.

SMS Adler Crew Stories - SMS Adler Besatzung Geschichten
of the men present at Samoa during the Hurricane.

SMS Adler, sunk during the Samoa Hurricane of March, 1889.

The un-attributed images on this page are taken from the American Naval History and Heritage Command. Translations into German by Google Translator.

I have been unable to find out any data about the German sailors who survived the wrecking of the SMS Adler, except their names from some newspaper reports, these are reproduced here. No German surfer interested in the storm, or who had relatives involved in the events, has yet got in touch with me. If any German descendant or other does find their way to this page, and has information they would like to share, contact me and do so.

Because these names are taken from newspaper reports, I am not confident that the spelling is accurate. For the same reason, I cannot be sure the rank is correctly reported.

Where there is a photograph of a crew member, please DO NOT use the image for anything at all, without first asking my permission using the contact form. If I do not know the family contact, then I will not be able to give permission for its use. If I do know of a family contact, I will ask them if they give permission, so in the contact form, please give details of how and why you wish to use the image. If they are agreeable, or indeed if not, I will then reply to your enquiry. This not intended to be awkward or unfriendly, I think it is simply good courtesy to ask first.

Known Survivors

von ArendCaptain Lieutenant - KapitänlieutenantSurvived - Überlebt
Dr. FereszkiewiczSurvived - Überlebt
E. FritzeCommander - KommandantSurvived - Überlebt
GoetzeEngineer - MaschinistSurvived - Überlebt
OelonerLieutenantSurvived - Überlebt
SouchonLieutenantSurvived - Überlebt
SzezodrowskiPaymaster - ZahlmeisterSurvived - Überlebt

Source: The Maitland Mercury, 2nd April, 1889.

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